Custom Crafted Cabinetry

Superior Construction Is Our Hallmark


From kitchens and pantries, bathrooms and dressing rooms, bars and wine cellars and anywhere in your home that needs storage and beauty a Hallmark custom creation will fit perfectly. Each piece is unique in terms of style, but what they all have in common is the consistent use of top quality materials and a passion for perfection. The balance between functionality and aesthetics is key. We ensure a close connection between the design and creation, carefully matching the client’s wishes to the final result.


It all begins with you!
  • Your choice of wood, stains and finishes.
  • Your custom cabinetry fits…exactly and maximizes space.
  • Your cabinets and drawers are functional and fit your unique style with slide-outs and utensil dividers.
  • Your cabinets fit with your home’s decor and your vision. Contemporary, Traditional or Eclectic, Hallmark will deliver.
  • Casual, contemporary, eclectic or traditional – we can design any style to match your home decor.
  • Affordable luxury that adds value and beauty to your home for years to come.
Shower Bases and Panels
Shower Bases and Panels

The “Hallmark” Custom Cabinet Advantage

We often are asked what the difference is to buying Hallmark custom cabinetry over off-the-shelf cabinets you can buy at a large retailer. The answers mean a HUGE ADVANTAGE to homeowners looking to maximize their investment. We take your ideas to the next level and our computerized cutting system allows us to totally personalize each and every project. Custom shapes, designs and inlays are just the beginning.
Now CUSTOM takes on a whole new meaning.

At Hallmark “Custom” means Quality

Our small production facility is where we build each piece to order using state of the art equipment and materials that will stand the test of time. The result is quality and craftsmanship unmatched by factory made cabinets. We use only the finest and carefully chosen wood and heavy duty hardware for drawer slides and hinges. These differences become evident over the years when your cabinets look – and work – as good as new.
Behind the custom finishes and attention to detail, our cabinetry is structurally superior. We don’t pre-fabricate our cabinetry or cut corners on the quality or design. Many cookie cutter cabinets these days are manufactured using “Dowel Butt Joints” the weakest type of joint. This style of cabinet is also held together by a few pencil-thin dowels. At Hallmark Kitchens, we don’t skimp on quality or materials. Our cabinets are designed to stand the test of time, add value to your home and deliver that incredible “WOW” factor.



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At Hallmark “Custom” means Choice

We build cabinets that are as unique as the customers we build them for. Choosing Hallmark Kitchens gives you the freedom to create the unique vision you have for your home. You can choose you favourite cabinet style, such as raised panel or shaker. Select your preference of wood- Oak, Hickory, Birch, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Alder, and Mohagany are among the popular choices. Man made materials are also available. We have cabinets for every application and price range. Show your personality with details like inlays, bead board, tongue and groove or custom crown moldings. Then, finish it all off with your choice of stain. (Don’t forget the countertop!) The end result is a superior fit and finish and one that is entirely yours.

At Hallmark “Custom” means Customer Service

When you choose Hallmark Kitchens, we will make you feel right at home. We will ask you all the right questions, get an understanding of your visions, requirements and budget and present to you an array of options and styles to bring your dream to life. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team will be there to serve you every step of the way. At Hallmark Kitchens, we know that satisfied customers are our best salespeople!